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I’m basically an optimistic positive person. I still find that I need to count my blessings, especially when I’m confused, scared, lonely, or overwhelmed. I think it may just be basic self-care for me. It’s too easy to focus on what’s not right. Doing my little grace notes is a simple way for me to keep my focus on the positive in my life. It also keeps my focus on what I can do, not on where I feel powerless.

Plus, I really like this format. I like the visual. And since space is limited, I need to choose which things to write down. It gets me focused on specifics. It also helps me remember really fun little things that I could’ve easily forgotten about.

Especially on those days when it doesn’t seem like I did anything, it’s especially good to find the highlights or maybe just the one silly thing that lightened my day.

Maybe it’s an ego thing, but I hate to think that I’ve had a day with nothing in it. Also, if the search for something positive to say is really difficult, then maybe I have to be more proactive tomorrow.

It also reminds me that I need a little fun in my life. If I’m working very hard on something, that may not translate into warm fuzzies. I think I need more than accomplishments in my daily life. I need fun and love and family and nature. And sometimes just a nap in the fresh air or a chat with a real person.


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Everyday Grateful

That’s my Instagram hashtag for my Grace Notes. It’s a pretty simple way to keep a gratitude journal/diary and play at the same time.

The tools are pretty simple. All you really need are some sort of paper and some sort of writing implement. And a straight edge is helpful. A really simple kit is a pack of 3 x 5 cards, a fine point marker and a ruler.

Basic supplies – 3 x 5 cards, a marker, and a straight edge.

I use the straight edge to draw a funky grid on the card. This gives me multiple places to write and draw. Then I take a couple of minutes to think about the important things in my day, particularly the good things, the things that make me grateful.

I use a house symbol to signify safety, shelter, and even family. That’s almost always a central part of my card. Sometimes I’ll include a reference to the day, may the sun or a rainbow. I also have areas where I can mention something special from the day.

I’m a birdwatcher, so it might be something like – 1st red-wing of the season. YAY!!!

Here’s a sample Grace Note. You can see more on my Instagram account – @ethelhills.

I’m extremely lucky. I have lots to be grateful for and it’s important to me to keep these in front of me. It helps me keep things in perspective.

Do you already keep a journal, a diary, a separate gratitude journal? Do you think that some sort of gratitude or “count your blessings” practice might be helpful? Maybe you already have a gratitude practice. I’m curious how others handle this. Please share in the comments below.

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