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Ethel Hills - "Summer Day Rhapsody" - Watercolor - approx 7" x 7"
Ethel Hills – “Summer Day Rhapsody” – Watercolor – approx 7″ x 7″ – Framed size 12″ x 12″

My father used to say that mockingbirds were one of the birds that just sang for the pure joy of it. They sing anytime of the year, not just when they’re courting or raising a family. Not sure if this is true, but mockingbirds are amazing. If you’ve ever lived really near a mockingbird, you’ll also know that they don’t keep traditional hours. We used to live quite close to a family of mockingbirds and they were always up and singing in the wee wee small hours of the morning.

There’s often been one that will sit on one of the telephone poles down near the ocean. It is such a joy to go for a morning walk and hear him singing his little heart out. And sometimes there’s an unexpected twist to the song. They’re not called mockingbirds for nothing.

Whether it’s just a beautiful song or an imitation of a tree frog, it’s always pure joy for me to hear him.

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It’s March in New Hampshire and gradually we’re seeing and hearing the signs of spring. Actually one of our most important signs of spring is the sound of red-winged blackbirds as they arrive and start staking out territory. We heard them last week, but perhaps they’ve been here longer. Also just this weekend, I noticed the spring call of a chickadee – a kind of fee-bee sort of call. I’ve also seen rabbits darting across the street when I’m driving home in the evening. Is that a sign of spring? I’m not sure. I haven’t notice skunks yet.

Although we don’t have a true MUD season like some areas of New England, our front yard has turned into an ugly brown mess. And spring bulbs are starting to push shoots up through the ground – daffodils and crocii.

What are your sure signs of spring? What do you watch for or wait for?

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