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First week of the month and it’s changeover time at a lot of galleries. New Hampshire Art Association is no exception. On Tuesday, I joined about 6 other artists to hang Prints of the Year and also repaint and rehang the Small Works Gallery. (OK. I didn’t help with the painting, but I helped with the rest.)

Because of the rather nasty winter weather, the reception has been postponed until next Friday. When you go to the gallery, you’ll find the main galleries filled with prints from some of the best print makers in the state. Parker Potter’s Prints of the Year includes all manner of the printmakers art – wood cuts, silk screens, monoprints, etchings, and various combinations. You’ll find work by Don Gorvett, William Scolere, Kate Higley, Victoria Ellbroch, Scott Schnepf, and many others.

The East Gallery is full of lovely black and white photos by the Seacoast Photo Group. And the South Gallery will have Carol Van Loon’s black and white photos of Barns.

The Small Works Gallery is now repainted and rehung with new work! So check it out.

You’ll find two small pieces of mine on the very far wall of the Small Works Gallery. (That is unless they moved them after I left on Tuesday.)

These are two pieces from my Shelter Series. This series started years ago with some very small paintings with a stylized house image. Some of these initial paintings turned into hand painted cards that were sold to benefit the York County Shelter Program. Hence the name – Shelter Series. Through an event that I ran for years at the Notre Dame Spiritual Center in Alfred, ME, I began a relationship with the shelter program and helped to raise money for their food pantry.



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It’s that time of year again. A couple of exhibits are ending and new ones are beginning.

Yesterday we drove to Plymouth to pick up my work from “Force of Nature – Exploring the Power of the Feminine” at Plymouth State University. It was sad to see this exhibit come down, as it was a wonderful exhibit with work from all across the country. I had hoped to get another day at the exhibit earlier this month, but the rest of my life was just too busy.

The exhibit at the Sheafe Warehouse which is part of the Prescott Art Festival will come down tomorrow. Just this weekend left to view it! If you live in the area and haven’t had a chance, it’s worth the effort to get in. Plus the location on the river is breathtaking.

Tomorrow we start another exhibit. The Abstract Artists of New England is having their annual exhibit at  Newburyport Art Association starting Tuesday, August 25 and running through Saturday, September 5th. Tomorrow evening we’ll all drop off our work and let our hanging committee do their magic. Since the gallery is closed on Mondays, Tuesday will be the first day the exhibit is open to the public.

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Earlier this week, several members of the New Hampshire Art Association “hanging committee” gathered at the Sheafe Warehouse to get the Prescott Park Arts Festival Open Juried Exhibit ready for public viewing. Due to unusual issues with the building, we’re a week late getting set up this year.

This is always an interesting exhibit to hang because of the setup. A large part of the exhibit goes on movable panels which we position in two rows down the length of the building. The panels are made up of pairs of hollow core doors hinged together and painted in a neutral color.  There are also spaces on the interior walls of the building for larger pieces.

This is a fun exhibit. Because of the location in the heart of the Prescott Park area and the connection with the Prescott Park Arts Festival, we see lots of traffic for this exhibit, including visitors from around the world.

If you find yourself in Portsmouth this summer, please consider stopping by for a wonderful selection of local art.

The hours are:

Monday                                     Closed
Tuesday & Wednesday            12 – 5pm
Thursday & Sunday                12 – 7pm
Friday & Saturday                  12 – 8pm

Somewhere towards the back, you’ll find  my piece –

Ethel Hills - Bands of Color #35 - Mixed Media Collage on Mat Board - 7" x 5"

Ethel Hills – Bands of Color #35 – Mixed Media Collage on Mat Board – 7″ x 5″

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NHAA is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year with lots of fun events. Earlier this week, we hung the 75th Anniversary exhibit. There is wonderful work in this exhibit, but there is a lot of it. Take your time to wander through the galleries, so you won’t miss anything. I think there are about 130 pieces in this exhibit!!!

The reception is Friday, June 3  – 5 – 8pm

This same evening, there will also be a reception at Discover Portsmouth where you will find another exhibit with a focus on some of our founding artists. I haven’t seen this yet, but am looking forward to it.

Look for my piece “All Is Still” on the wall over the desk at NHAA’s Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery, 136 State Street, Portsmouth, NH.

Ethel Hills - "All is Still" - Mixed Media Collage on Panel - 30" x 24"

Ethel Hills – “All is Still” – Mixed Media Collage on Panel – 30″ x 24″

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I know that there are lots of holiday art shows around. This year, I’m only doing two. The Small Works show at Emporium that went up last month and the Holiday show at NHAA which just went up last week.

The NHAA show is limited to 5 wall pieces per artist at a maximum price of $300. We hung that show last Tuesday and it does look great. There are lots of items to choose from – art, books, calendars, cards and even a few ornaments.

You’ll find my pieces on either side of the Christmas tree. They’re all small and brightly colored – the perfect thing for a cold winter’s day.

I hope you find the absolute right piece of art either for a gift or for yourself. It’s a great time to buy art, because there are so many options. Most every gallery and art association has a holiday show going on and there are all the open studio type events as well. Happy hunting!!

If you’d like to see what I have on exhibit here –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And a special note – to make shopping easier, the gallery will be open 11 to 9, Wednesday through Sunday.


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One of the reasons that I did an open studio at the beginning of the month was that I love going to other artists’ studios where I can see lots of work in one place and get a better idea of what the artist’s vision is.

My Open Studio the 1st weekend of the month wasn’t even the beginning of the season. It started last month with the Deerfield Arts Tour and my friend Rosemary Conroy’s open studio. This weekend was the Portsmouth Holiday Arts Tour and Open Studios at Rollinsford. The weather was much better than I had the beginning of the month, but it was still cold on Saturday. I hit 3 separate locations and came home with a lovely mug, 4 fabulous small pieces by different artists and a lovely drawing/painting by Tess Feltes. Today I went to Rollinsford, but again saw only a few of the studios. It was wonderful to see the art, even when you can only buy small things.

In the midst of this was an artists talk on Saturday at NHAA by Michael Walek and Todd Bezold, which was fabulous. And I also managed a short visit with another artist friend I haven’t seen in a couple of years.

All in all,  a great weekend – lots of art, lots of visiting, lots of inspiration and a few new things for the house.

I know that I can’t get to all of these, but it sure is fun to do some of it. Hope you get to enjoy the open studios in your area.


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There are two juried art shows in my area this time of year and delivery was last weekend. Good news and bad news. I was accepted into the Prescott Park Arts Festival Open Juried Exhibition at Sheafe Wharf in Portsmouth, NH, but was turned down for Regional Artists: An Open Juried Show at the Barn Gallery in Ogunquit, ME.

For me, one of the fun things is to be able to do some of the behind the scenes “stuff”. On Sunday, I helped with take-in for the show at the Barn Gallery and then stayed for the jurying. Take-in is actually one of my favorite volunteer jobs, because I get to see what everyone’s doing and I get to meet and catch up with fellow artists. Jurying can be interesting or boring, partly depending upon the process and partly depending on the juror. Michael Culver was the juror this year and he did not have an easy job. We had something like 206 pieces, which he edited down to somewhere around 80-85. I’m anxious to see what the exhibit looks like now that it’s hung. It’s a strong show and it’s going to look even better once the official hangers get a hold of it. I can’t make the reception on Saturday, so I’ll have to sneak in some other day to check out the final product.

Today, I’m working on the hanging portion of the exhibit at Prescott Park. This is always an interesting process because of the constraints of the building. Most of the work is hung on movable hinged panels which presents a different kind of visual challenge than a rectangular room. We do however have an excellent “hanging committee”, so I’m sure it will go well.

Want to see what got in and what didn’t? These two pieces didn’t make it into the Barn Gallery Exhibit. One of the advantages of being there at jurying was that I know they weren’t the first ones eliminated. The other thing I noticed is that the piece on the left was eliminated first. Interesting, as I’ve always wondered about the relative merit of the two pieces.

And this is the one that did get into the Prescott Park show. And today I’ll get to see how great this exhibit is going to look.

Ethel Hills - Color Block #13 (8 inch panel) - Mixed Media Collage on Panel - 8" x 8"

Ethel Hills – Color Block #13 (8 inch panel) – Mixed Media Collage on Panel – 8″ x 8″

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We had a great day at New Hampshire Art Association! We got our new exhibit “Inspired” up in the main gallery and totally re-hung the Small Works Gallery with brand new work. And the East Gallery is host to an exhibit of work by emerging artists. Everything looks great!

There are lovely pieces in a variety of mediums, sizes and price ranges. My contribution is a mixed media collage on panel. I consider Ed Betts a major influence on my art. His book Master Class in Watermedia has always been a favorite, even when the information was way over my head. Since that first introduction to his work, I have read and reread all of this books on painting. I was even lucky enough to take a one day workshop with Ed about a year before he passed away. Oh and last year, I purchased one of his lithographs.

I’m not sure that anyone else will look at this painting and see a connection, but I picked this one out because it makes me think of Ed and all I’ve learned from him over the years. Thank you!

Ethel Hills - "Rhapsody" - Mixed Media Collage on Panel - 20" x 20"

Ethel Hills – “Rhapsody” – Mixed Media Collage on Panel – 20″ x 20″

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I’ve had a lovely and a tiring day today. Today was the day to hang the gallery for NHAA. That’s the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery of New Hampshire Art Association on State Street in Portsmouth. The Holiday Show is not our favorite show to hang because of the sheer volume of work. This year, each artist could submit 5 pieces each with a maximum price of $300. I believe the final total was 310 pieces of art! Yikes!! That’s a lot of paintings and photographs.

Luckily, we have the regular gallery, the East Gallery and two walls in the Small Works Gallery. Still it was interesting to sort the work out and get it on the walls.  But we did it and it looks great!!! There are some incredible buys to be had and lots of fabulous art in varying sizes and styles. I was very impressed with the quality in this show and I hope you will be too.

The show opens tomorrow, with a reception Friday, December 6th from 5 to 8pm. That’s the same night as the $10,000 For Art’s Sake Raffle Event. I hope you’ll be able to stop by and find that special piece of art. You will never find a larger selection then you’ll find there this month. Go early though. There are some great deals and I don’t think they’ll last long.

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Whew! Four exhibits hung in 8 days. Two with New Hampshire Art Association and two with The Abstract Artists Group of New England. This morning, we hung the July exhibit for NHAA – People’s Choice. We’re asking everyone who comes in to vote for their favorite piece and the winning artist will receive a cash prize of $500.

What a great idea for an exhibit!  There’s all kinds of wonderful, colorful, and even whimsical art. It’s going to be hard to pick, but please go in and make the effort. There are about 90 pieces in this show, which made it interesting to hang. But we have a great crew! We’ve been working together for years and this show went together very well. Look for two of my small black and white pieces tucked into the corner near the front window.

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